dog Kimono, Kacho Fugetsu Pink
dog Kimono, doggy kimono, Kacho Fugetsu  Black Pink
Welcome to Gramercy Pet Boutique
dog Kimono, doggy kimono, Koume Red
Dog Casual Kimono-Dog Yukata,  Palm Blossom black
Formal Wear
Casual & Fun
dog Kimono, doggy kimono,Yamato Nadeshiko Purple, Red,  Black
dog Kimono, doggy kimono, Koume Black & Red
Our beautiful luxury dog
kimono is made with authentic
Japanese Kimono fabric from
Kyoto. Easy to put on with
snaps in front.
4 types: Koume, Kacho Fugetsu or
Yamato Nadeshiko
and the newest addition, Sakura
Yamato Nadeshiko
Kacho Fugetsu
Dog Kimono-Dog Hakama, available in 4 colors
Now, your pooch can dress up like a
Hakama are a type of traditional Japanese
formal clothing similar to a wide, pleated
skirt, worn over a kimono. They were
originally worn only by men, especially by
samurai, but today they are worn by both
men and women and your dog!
Available in 11 sizes in 4 Colors
dog Kimono, doggy kimono, Sakura,  Pink, Red,  Black
Yukata are Japanese Summer Cotton
Kimonos.  Originally,  they were worn as
bathrobes by both men and women, but now
they are worn on fun and casual occasions
during the summer such as country fairs and
fireworks shows.
Available in 2 types, total 4 colors in 15 sizes.
Happi Coat is a traditional Japanese
straight-sleeved worker coat with a
distinctive crest displaying family, business or
organization names. From sushi chefs to
participants of traditional events at a shrine,
people wear their Happi Coats with pride.
iDog's Doggy Happi Coat comes with the
beautiful calligraphy for "Matsuri"(= festival)
on the back instead of a family crest.
Available in 3 types,  Black, Blue and Red in 15
Dog Casual Kimono-Dog Happi Coat Red with white skirt
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dog Kimono, doggy kimono, Kacho Fugetsu Black
dog Kimono, doggy kimono, Koume Black
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