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Tetsuya lives in San Marcos, TX. He is being hip inhis new Red happi coat Hokusai Wave. His house mate, Deshi got blue one. These two Shiba Inu maybe are
Texans now, but they know how to dress in their pure Japanese breed's way.
"I love the happi coats! They are such great quality, " said Carina, the proud mom of these two handsome Shibas.
Thank you Carina for the beautiful pictures and look forward to seeing more
This is Fendi. He is so adorable in his Condor
Sweat shirts. He was a rescue and now he is
under wonderful care of Blanche & Carol,
well known dog & Cat care provider sisters,
east side in Manhattan.
This is Patty. She is a very active a year and half year old French Bulldog
puppy, owned by Ms. Terri Kieffer in MD. Her fashionable photo in her
Dragon & Phoenix Stadium Jacket was recently featured as "Photo of
the Day" on Pets Section.
You can see more photos by Terri by visiting her website,
This is Angus. He is a year old Frenchie pup living in Delaware,
feeling so Cool in his new Cool Vest!
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Carlo of Denmark
Divagardens Dexter, "Verg" lives in Norway. He needed his
tuxedo for his lovely mom's wedding. Not only he dressed up,
he carried roses for mom. What a handsome GSD he is!!! Thank
you Aina for sending such beautiful photos from your wedding
day. It was our pleasure to be of your help to dress Verg up.
(Verg is wearing an altered Tuxedo -- it was originally tuxedo
suites, but per Aina's request, we removed pants part)
Another European customer's photo--This Gorgeous Bullmastiff is Carlo.
He lives with his mom in Denmark.  Carlo is wearing Cool Vest Blue in
Large size. We made special extensions for his girth, but he didn't have
to use them. (his neck is 60cm and girth is 95cm) His mom, Gitte said
"I'm sure the Cool Vest will bring him lots of hours this summer feeling
good instead of feeling exhausted"
"I am delighted with Cool Vest. I reside in Scottsdale, AZ where
now at 7 am it's 80 degrees. As summer moves in it will only get
much warmer. I have a 4 year old Bichon. In past years I would
freeze a towel over night and when we stopped for water brakes,
I would drape it over him. Now with your product those days are
gone. While we never look forward to the hot stuff-it lasts to late
October at least my dog can get some exercise. "  
--- Dr. S H Peres, Scottsdale, AZ
(Thank you very much Dr. Peres for your comment with a great
picture with Lucky in Cool Vest Blue)
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Celebrity groomer, Jorge Bendersky loves Fundle!! (right)
His beloved Pomeranian Tito is comfortably sits in his lux
navy and another SuperNova, which was given to his
We are so flattered that Jorge uses Fundle daily basis.
Visit his site
Planet Jorge and learn more about great
grooming and catch his recent activity.
(photo taken at the Meet The Breeds, Oct. 18, 2009, NYC)