Hawika lives in Honolulu, HI.
His mom ordered Hakama for boys for him because they are
preparing for a very special day. Yes, mom is getting married!!

Hawika will wear the Hakama for the rehearsal dinner while
mom will wear a kimono.   
Now, Hawika tried on Hakama, that is just arrived.
Black and Gold Hakama looks so great on him!! You can see
his smile, that is telling you how proud and how happy he is.  

Congratulations Iku (Hawika's mom) on your wedding and
thank you for sending great pictures promptly.
Q in Dog Sweat Shirt1
Mr. Q lives in New York City and his mom got him a tux and     a Vintage Cotton Condor Sweat
for his birthday! Thank you    Mrs. B for sending in your photos and You Look Great, Q!!

These two adorable
Yorkies, Kiwi and Neo,  just
turn 2 years old. They are
so cute napping together in
Fundle SuperNova.
Sometimes their brother,
Gizmo, joins and three of
them enjoy snuggling
Thank you Ms. Marika for
sending in great photos!!
This is Beau. He Lives in
Morgan Hill, CA with 3
young siblings. He looks
absolutely stunning in
his red Vintage Cotton
Condor Sweat shirt,
guarding his parents
Thank you Mr. & Mrs.
Botkin for sending in a
wonderful picture.
Cookie, 14 years old Jack Russell Terrier,  lives in New
York City with her mom, Taka-Chan.
She looks so elegant in her Kimono - Yamato
Nadeshiko Red.
It was a gift from her mom's friend, K-Chan.
Thank you, K-Chan for sending in sweet pictures!
Kristi in Pink Girl's freece for dog
Q in Dog Tuxedos
This is Kristy, a year old Westie.She Lives in a fancy high rise in
Manhattan where star players of Yankees are her neighbours.
How fancy she is! She has been a big collector of iDog outfits.
We have received wonderful photos in different styles from
Kristy's parents. On the right, she is in her Dog Kimono,
YamatoNadeshiko Purple with Gold Obi sash.
and  Blue Dog Happi Coat for girls. Below, in her pink Girl's
Fleece, looking so cute!
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Kristi in Dog Kimono Blue Happi Coat for Girls
Kristi in Dog Kimono Yamato Nadeshiko Purple

Ms. Maiko lives in Munchen, Germany.
She enjoys Japanese traditional
summer outfits.  
Maiko-chan, You are the perfect
Japanese Chin!

Thank you Elle(Maiko's mom) for
sending in such a cute photos.
Maiko-chan is in her
Dog Happi Coat for Girl Red(Left),.
On the right, she is in her
Dog Yukata Plam Blossom Black Dog.
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